Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing plan is a necessary element of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

With the right digital marketing, your business connects you to your customer base in a way that brings dynamic exchange and customer loyalty. Digital Popcorn is that team.

Social media is all about creating human connections and bridging the gap between business and customers. It’s the one channel that you can be sure your customers will always visit. It allows them to stay in contact with your business even when they are not actively engaging your services. This keeps your brand in that highly-coveted, top-of-mind spot.

Social media platforms and company profiles also work to humanise your business. People want to understand who’s behind the curtain and form closer relationships, which can be difficult to achieve for larger businesses. However, once they know your business as more than a slogan, they’ll feel far better about getting in touch.

Social Media Marketing for Enterprises

Social media marketing is the overlap of multiple disciplines and platforms, all coming together to create campaigns that bring the customer closer to your brand and to your door. 

Whether that’s YouTube marketing or social networking through Facebook or Instagram, social platforms provide a unique opportunity for detailed targeting options. Not only that, but you’re also able to target the right people with the right messaging in a comfortable and trustworthy environment that they visit regularly. 

You can choose who to market to based on the interests they have demonstrated online. The characteristics of Facebook users, the type of YouTube videos they watch, the blog posts they read—these are all things that will help you create an effective and holistic social advertising campaign.

At Digital Popcorn, we provide a tailored, comprehensive social media marketing service that gives enterprise clients more of a hands-on approach when it comes to social media campaign management, detailed below:

  • Dynamic and flexible social media campaigns, including the ability to create ad hoc promotions and ad optimisations as they run.
  • Tailored services that cater to your specific business needs. We take a creative and unique approach to ensure messaging and creatives remain consistent with the brand while achieving campaign goals. 
  • Enterprise businesses are often established corporations that already have set brand strategies and a loyal client base. Our approach will be carefully retrofitted to ensure campaigns are within pre-established guidelines of what you know works for your business and your audience. 

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