Content Marketing

At the heart of any successful digital marketing campaign is a robust content marketing strategy. Content marketing attracts, retains and drives results.

Looking for a content marketing agency that has the skills to build and maintain a relationship with your customer base? You’ve come to the right place.

Digital Popcorn has an elite team that specialises in the core areas of digital marketing, and that includes creating good content tied with practical SEO knowledge. As part of a long-term strategy aimed at engaging a target audience with consistently relevant information, content is indispensable.

We tailor this service to your team, whether it be one content writer to provide monthly content or a team of writers who refine pre-existing content to ensure it’s in line with digital marketing best practices. 

In an ideal world, you want customer loyalty before they even make a purchase. To do this, any business big or small needs to earn loyalty by winning customer trust. Great content proves you care about your market, as opposed to one-off marketing pushes with content that’s only focused on your brand’s interests. This communicates that you are worth your customer’s time and attention, and ultimately drives profitable customer action.

Ultimately, content marketing seeks to make full use of the modern digital environment by creating and publishing content that is genuinely worthwhile in itself. All marketing benefits from great content, and truly successful marketing isn’t possible without any content at all.

Content Marketing for Enterprise

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content that is relevant and helpful to your audience. It’s content crafted to engage and maintain your market niche, delivering content that your target audience wants—when and how they want it. The content created will range from EDMs, white papers, blogs, social creatives, updated website copy, and more. 

Enterprise businesses face unique challenges when it comes to content marketing, particularly around ensuring communication is consistent and regular in both internal and external channels.

  • Internal Communications
    • coordinating marketing efforts across different departments, and
    • maintaining message consistency across your teams
  • External Communications:
    • utilising technology effectively to create robust content strategies, 
    • flexible management of ad campaigns in response to the current market climate,  
    • brainstorming ideas for content distribution, among others. 

The best way to face these challenges is for your core marketing team to work with savvy content creators who understand your brand, know how to use analytics-based tools and perform content research to create relevant and robust strategies, have experience with different content platforms, coordinate with the wider digital marketing team, and maintain steady communication throughout your marketing campaign.

Here at Digital Popcorn, we’ve got the experience and expertise to take your current marketing campaigns to new heights. We perform all of the above tasks and more, ensuring your website produces quality content regularly that not only resonates with your business and your audience but is also in line with your overall marketing efforts so you produce the results you need.

Content Marketing & SEO Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

When it comes to content marketing, Digital Popcorn’s content experts not only know how to write great copy, they know how to write copy that search engines love.

Digital Popcorn was born out of a need to help enterprises take hold of all that the digital space has to offer and to use all its offerings to a business’ best advantage. To find out more about how we can help you make the most of your digital presence, talk to us today.


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