Digital Analytics

With analytics data, you'll know in real-time how your audience behaves and where to concentrate your marketing efforts.

Every click on every search result yields a wealth of data metrics. With expertise from our Data Analytics team, we’ll know in real-time if our digital marketing strategies are working for you, and adjust them to achieve the best possible performance.

We offer a range of digital analytics services to help you better understand your website’s ongoing performance.

Data Measurement and Analysis 
Our data specialists accurately collect data directly related to your goals. Whether that’s information about your site traffic, return on advertising spend, or social media engagement, we make sure to only measure and analyse data that are accurate and relevant to further boost campaign performance and ROI.  

Our transparent and straightforward reporting system provides you with regular communications on your campaign’s performance. 

Goals and Events Tracking
We track both goals and events data on Google Analytics to find opportunities for improving your website’s conversion rates. 

Channel Traffic Audit
We’re experts at monitoring traffic trends and explaining possible spikes or drops in traffic.

Personas Building
Using Analytics data, we track where your visitors came from, what keywords they used to find your website, how long their session lasted, and more. This information reveals their online user journey and their behaviour on your site, helping us create user personas to ensure more targeted and focused campaigns. 

When you work with Digital Popcorn, you can expect measurable, high-quality results. Get in touch today! 


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